Monday, March 22, 2010

USA - The Slosh & After the Polar Shift

The following scenario is based upon two things: Observations of governments, corporations, and affluent individuals in their obvious preprations for the coming disasters. Plotting the last three polar axis shifts shows a pattern that indicates the next axis change will move the geographical north pole towards Newfoundland, Canada (and the south pole towards southwest Australia) by at least 20 degrees (1400 miles). The reasons for all of this happening is covered in another secti0n of this blog. The equator is always 90 degrees from the poles so when the north and south poles relocate, so will the equator by the same amount (20 +/- degrees). The majority of damage to the earth will occur when the equatorial bulge of water moves to it's new position of equilibrium and stabilizes. If the north pole comes to rest on the 60 degree line of longitude, then the two giant tsunamis that will be generated from this pole shift will be highest at that longitude (120 degrees longitude on the other side of the world.) and diminish the further east and west you go (approximately 4000 miles wide). The present location of the equator will move south to just above Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (on the other side of the world to just below Taiwan). The sea level at the equator is about 500' higher than mean sea level measured at Cornwall, England, a difference of 50 degrees in latitude (3500 miles). That means the sea level changes on average by 10' per degree of latitude. This isn't a straight line average but a curve that is higher on the equatorial side. It's a good enough measurement to determine approximate future sea levels at different latitudes. What does this all mean? Rio de Janeiro and Taiwan will have a new sea level that is 200' higher than what it is now. That will be totally devastating to southeast asia above the present equatorial line, as well as the southern coastal areas of South America. The areas of least damage will be North and Central America, Africa, all of Europe, Australia and everything south of the present equatorial line in southeast Asia. The pivot points are those two points on the earth where the old and new equatorial lines cross and remain the same. The areas north and south of these lines will not have an initial 200' tsunami surge but might have some slosh from water reflected from coastlines thousands of miles away. Hawaii is north of one "pivot point". Keep in mind that lines of latitude converge the further north and south you go, and will have the effect of compressing the tsunami wavefront, making it somewhat higher. Some have estimated that two thirds of the world will perish from the initial tsunamis. This is plausible considering that about 85% of the world's population lives within 20 miles of a coastline. Over half of the remaining survivors could also die from starvation and disease within six months to a year afterwards. There will be further losses from the many battles to be fought over available food and supplies in the aftermath by individuals and nations. To say that less than a billion people will remain is a fair estimate. If you look at various points on the map when envisioning what will happen at various places on the earth, remember that there will be a new set of lines of latitude and longitude radiating out from the new polar axis locations. For instance the arctic circle presently passes through Fort Yukon, Alaska. After the polar axis shift, it could pass just north of the State of Maine. The 49th parallel that is the border between the USA and Canada will be redrawn to a line between Maimi, Florida, Denver, Colorado, and Salem, Oregon (an approximation). Of course the weather will change to reflect these colder climate locations. L.A. and San Diego will be the southernmost point in the Continental USA and the weather will be what we now have in northern California. I'm sure the government has a computer program that can immediately plot the new lines of latitude and longitude immediately after the polar axis shift occurs. Isn't that wonderful??? At present, all of this must remain a hypothesis. The reality is in the hands of God.

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