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Earth's: Position in Inertial Space, Axial Tilt, Wobble

(*Ray G. - 26 Jan. 2011)
This appears to be a complicated subject but when explained in terms of simple physics, all mysteries disappear. A child’s toy, a spinning top, is a source of fascination for children because as long as the top is spinning it doesn’t fall down. It’s fun to watch as it slows down and starts to wobble. It is controlled by rules of nature that children can’t yet understand. Before the advent of the Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation, a system called Inertial Navigation was in use for many years in all aircraft navigation systems. It works like this: picture two spinning tops mounted in a gimbaled mounting system.
Attached to each of these tops, properly called “gyroscopes”,
is mounted an electric motor that keeps the gyroscopes spinning at a fairly high speed (Revolutions Per Minute - RPM). The axes (plural for axis) of each gyroscope are positioned at right angles to each other. The structure that these two gyroscopes and motors are mounted on within the gimbaled system is called an “Inertial Platform”. As long as the motors continue to keep the gyroscopes spinning, the platform is said to be fixed in inertial space. That means that the inertial platform ignores the fact that it is on the surface of the earth which rotates every 24 hours, and that the earth rotates around the sun every 365 days. It is rigidly fixed in orientation within inertial space. Upon this inertial platform are mounted devices called accelerometers that measures acceleration and deceleration in three dimensional space. There are three accelerators mounted on the platform aligned to each dimension of space.
The output of these three accelerometers are fed to a computer that calculates this information and all the factors that are relevant to this type of navigation system and supplies the pilot with all of the necessary information for navigating an aircraft such as latitude and longitude, heading, as well as an information feed to the autopilot.
If you were to power up an inertial platform in the maintenance shop without its protective case on, you would observe that it would rotate 360 degrees in a 24 hour period within it’s gimbaled system because of the earth’s rotation. If you would observe it for 6 months you would see that it would not tilt the platform by the 23.4 degrees of the earth’s axial tilt because the earth is also a giant gyroscope. The sun and all of the planets are gyroscopes that are fixed in inertial space. That is the nature of a spinning body from a child’s toy, a top, to the rotating earth. Normally the axis of the earth does not change and that is why the axis of the earth always points to what is commonly called the north star. I imagine there is a star in the southern hemisphere that fulfills the same purpose in primitive navigation.
The earth is asymmetrical! It is not a perfect sphere. It is egg-shaped with a narrower northern hemisphere and a wider southern hemisphere. Internally it is also not perfectly balanced. If you were to observe the earth from above it’s polar axis, north or south, you would see that the polar axis describes a figure 8. This is called the “Chandler Wobble” discovered in 1891.
Some time during 2006 the Chandler wobble stopped:
There is much speculation as to why this has happened. What force could have affected this massive gyroscope that is our turning earth.
One theory is that global warming is causing the polar ice caps to melt, which is increasing the amount of water at the equator, which is causing changes to the earth’s gravity field, which might be the cause of the cessation of the Chandler wobble. That stretches even my imagination!
Another theory is that there is an external gravitational force that is approaching the solar system that appears to be affecting all of the planets of our solar system. If this were true, are there any other clues as to the effects that could show that the earth’s gravity well is being stressed? How about our wandering magnetic north pole? The magnetic north pole was located in Canada at about 70 degrees north and 100 degrees west for close to 100 years. That’s a little more than half-way between Fargo, ND and the true north pole. Then around 1900 it started to wander in a northerly direction. In 1970 it increased it’s speed from 6.2 MPH to 26.4 MPH (10 to 40 KPH), quadruple it’s speed.
It is generally accepted that the magnetic north pole is caused by molten iron under the earth’s crust and it’s movement is from the movement of this molten iron core material. Could it be that what caused the increased speed of the magnetic north pole in 1970, increased in magnitude to where it stopped the earth’s wobble in 2006?
There are two theories that are gaining in popularity these days. Both of them are highly unlikely in the normal scheme of things but both of them could be true. One is the fact that the solar system is very close to passing through the galactic equator. Science has a hypothesis that there is a black hole in the center of each galaxy. This black hole spins at unimaginable speeds and creates a disc of gravity that extends to the circumference of the edge of the galaxy. This is why all pictures of galaxies in space are pancake shaped. The equatorial zone of gravity keeps the galaxies from expanding in the northern and southern hemispheres while allowing the galaxies to spread along the axis of the galaxy’s equator. Every few thousand years or so our solar system passes through this galactic equatorial plane. The nature of this gravity field necessarily assumes that it is a collector of lots of space junk over millennia (that’s a subject for another time). As the solar system approaches this field of gravity, the effects of this will increase in strength until the solar system is in the middle of it and then starts to recede as we pass through it and leave. There are many clues on this earth as well as data gathered from several deep-space probes which support this idea. The second theory is that the planet Nibiru (or X) is on it’s way again through our solar system. Some think that Nibiru is what destroyed the planet that created our asteroid belt thousands of years ago. If it comes in on the same path this time, then it will come fairly close to the orbit of Jupiter.
If this theory is true then the force exerted on our earth affecting the magnetic north pole and the Chandler wobble must be from an indirect effect by Nibiru on our sun. Nibiru will have an effect on the gravity of our sun which will affect our earth. If Nibiru were to directly affect our planet then the North magnetic pole would not move in a fairly straight line throughout the year and the effect on the Chandler wobble would come and go throughout the year as our orbit brought us closer to, then farther away from Nibiru.
Whatever theories are out and about, the fact remains that there are many things that are occurring in the physical area of our solar system, and our earth in particular, that cannot be dismissed with simple explanations. Most certainly “global warming” can’t explain the ice caps receding on the planet Mars or the increased volcanic activity on Jupiter’s moon Io, or the global warming that is taking place on the equator of Jupiter, or the Atlantic Gulf Stream slowing down way before the Gulf of Mexico oil spill occurred. The Atlantic Gulf Stream just about stopped last year in 2010. Much has been written about the approaching scary events that many believe will happen at the end of the Mayan calendar on 21 December, 2012. As far as anyone can determine, this is, in fact, about the time that our solar system will cross the galactic equator and the planet Nibiru will make it’s closest approach to our sun. Our source of expertise about these things should be the government. NASA claims that this is all just fantasies about little green men from other dimensions. The almost total silence and denial from the government is the best proof that they have been concealing information concerning the coming earth changes. The fact they have been preparing for these events for decades to insure the “continuity of government” and their personal survival is a further indictment against them.
Worst case scenario is that one or both of these events will continue to cause ever-increasing gravitational stress on our world and the rest of the solar system. What has happened in the past can occur in the future. Our future! A polar axis change has happened several times in the past and will very likely happen within the next two to four years. Many governments in the world have been preparing for this for decades. The American government believes that much of the American coastlines will be under water. This is evidenced by the fact that US Navy personnel have been retiring in the Ozark mountains for many years due to their expected “rise in ocean levels”. What exactly happens depends on where the next polar axis is going to move to. The US government believes that it will move in the direction of Siberia. There are good scientific reasons to believe that it will move in the opposite direction away from the direction that the magnetic north pole is moving. That is also consistent with the last three movements of the polar axis (with respect to the last directional movement of each) which would put it in the Davis Strait off of the southwest coast of Greenland. This would mean that the State of Maine would be close to the new arctic circle and that San Diego would be the southernmost point of the continental United States with weather close to what northern California has now. When the polar axis shift occurs the axial tilt with respect to the sun will also most likely change.
Let’s hope that the axial tilt becomes less than the present 23.4 degrees. That will bring fewer extremes in weather patterns. If it goes the opposite way summers will be shorter and winters will be colder. If my predictions on this are even close to accurate, the new equator will pass close to Taiwan, off the coast of China and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The movement of the magnetic north pole toward Siberia, and the movement of the south magnetic pole toward western Australia (not in the opposite direction from the north magnetic pole),as well as the increased number and magnitude of earthquakes all over the world indicates that the internal structure of the earth is rearranging itself and will result in a change of the polar axis when the external stress from the gravitic force coming from the galactic equatorial plane reaches a certain level of intensity. You will know this is happening from massive earthquakes and a longer or shorter couple of days. The sun will also rise and set in a different location from what you are used to.
To add insult to injury, we will also have to cope with the space junk falling on the earth from passing through this galactic plane of gravity, and/or the space junk dragged along by the tail of Nibiru, as well as the results of an uncommon number of solar flares which will disrupt the power grids and communication networks that operate through satellites. The government has prepared by building multiple deep underground facilities all over the United States. A better way to go for the individual citizen is to bury a metal shipping container in your back yard with about six to twelve feet of dirt on top. Better yet, pour a concrete slab on top of the 6 to 12 feet of dirt over your shipping container and build a prefab. metal workshop on top of that to store your vehicles, and other items necessary to your survival. Even if you take a near hit from a meteorite, and experience fairly severe earthquakes, you should be OK. The government could very well find themselves buried alive in their deeper underground facilities.
The aftermath of these events will be horrible. Two giant tsunamis will have been generated going in opposite directions from the old equator caused by the polar axis shift. One will head south along both coasts of South America. The other will head north away from Australia. The American government believes that the opposite of this will occur. In their version the North American coasts will be underwater, and southeast Asia will gain land on their coasts from lower ocean levels. There is better evidence that the opposite will occur with a lot of southeast Asia under water. You will see a mass exodus of people from the cities on the east coast of America. New York will have a climate presently experienced by the citizens of Fairbanks Alaska.
Weather patterns will change. Ocean currents will change. Many deserts will become fertile and previous fertile areas will slowly become barren from less rainfall. All satellite links with their ground stations will be broken at least temporarily. Geosynchronous satellites that normally remain stationary with respect to the earth will all wander off in useless directions. Actually the satellites will remain in position but the earth will have moved to where the satellites are not in usable positions with respect to the earth.
The GPS satellites will be useless and navigation systems that depend on them will fail. We could also experience an event similar to a “nuclear winter” where ash and gasses from multiple volcanoes the world over will darken the skies and prevent enough sunlight from getting through to the earth. How long this will last until it settles back down can only be guessed at. As stated before, this could also act as a shield for the earth during the time when the sun will be putting out more heat from increased solar flares and sunspot activity caused by the sun passing through this galactic equatorial zone. Nibiru could also have a similar effect if/when it is passing on the same side of the sun where the earth is orbiting.
If the new axial tilt is less that the present 23.4 degrees it will become hotter at the equator and milder the further north and south you go from the equator. This will have permanent effects on where crops will grow and where major population centers will concentrate in the future. New lines of latitude and longitude will be drawn on world maps. New GPS satellites will have to be placed in orbit. The length of our days and years will have changed so you can throw away all of your old clocks and other timing devices. Computers will have to have recalibration programs developed. The list goes on and on and on! Disease will be a major problem from all of the dead (by drowning) and dying from starvation until shipping by air and sea lanes stabilize. Most countries don’t grow all of their own food locally. There will be acute shortages of aircraft and ships for many years to come. Many ships will be destroyed by the tsunamis. Aircraft will find that their destinations are under water or their navigation instruments are not working suddenly. Most radio communications will work for a while then cease when the satellites move out of range.
If anyone believes that any of this has the slightest chance of happening, wouldn’t it be wise to make an attempt at preparing to survive a questionable future? For a big-screen TV you could buy a ton of rice (Jan. 2011) which would keep two people from starving for more than five years. You have nothing to lose and your life to gain by taking action now. If you can’t believe any of this, then let’s hope nothing will ever change.

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