Monday, March 15, 2010

Truth or Consequences

The purpose of this blog is to inform people about the government withholding the truth about the most important events in current history and the resulting consequences.

There are all kinds of internet stories about Planet "X"/Nibiru, our solar system crossing through the galactic equatorial plane, FEMA camps, Possible Martial Law being invoked, changes on our earth and some of the other planets of our solar system, speculation about the increasing number of earthquakes & tsunami's, global warming, global cooling , volcanic activity, rumors of secret tunnel networks, underground construction by the government, rumors of new weapons, and the list goes on and on.

This blog will provide a unified conspiracy theory that connects all of these things and more. It will uncover a secret that the government has kept for well over four decades. Here's the "SECRET": The earth is within three years of a polar axis shift where the north and south poles will change location by at least twenty degrees. This has happened three times in the last ten to twelve thousand years. What is the proof of this? Simply that many governments and corporations have been preparing for this for many years. The larger the organization the harder it is to keep a secret. For that reason it's not too difficult to find out what the government is up to with their construction projects but hard to track what corporations are doing.

So what are they doing?
Why would FEMA have constructed about 600 detention camps around the country. How is it that the states of Illinois and Montana just happened to have near empty prisons when prison overcrowding is such a big issue in most states. Prisoners are transferred from state to state all the time. Why do these near empty prisons exist for the federal government to consider them as a replacement for Guantanimo. These empty FEMA camps and prisons were obviously constructed in anticipation for future requirements. What conditions must ensue to require "holding facilities" to house many thousands of people very suddenly? Why are all of them built at elevations above 500' and very few are built within 50 miles of a coastline? This makes perfect sense if you believe that our coastlines might be permanently under water in the near future. Part of the controversy over the stimulus bill passed by congress is why some bridges and other projects are funded for repair and others aren't. If you'll check it out you will find that the unrepaired bridges are near the coastlines at elevations that will be under water in the future. Why waste money on what you can't use in the near future. On the other end of the scale: The last few years have seen major improvements in an airport on a barely inhabited island in Alaska. Remember the bridge to nowhere in Alaska? Why the superhighway of I-35 that will go from Mexico to Canada which is carefully constructed at higher elevations? There are many other examples of construction projects that don't seem to make any sense unless you think of it in terms of what will be required in the near future with a sudden rise in ocean levels.

Years ago FEMA divided up the United States into ten administrative regions and two districts for disaster preparednes purposes. Underground command and control centers have been completed, stocked and manned for all of them. Isn't this a bit of overkill considering that the northern states of our country don't have hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or any other problems that they can't handle themselves. This does make sense if the plan is to operate under Martial Law when a large disaster strikes our country. Then regional and district commanders will have control not only for purposes of security, but for political and judicial purposes also. There will be many dissidents under Martial Law and displaced persons from any catastrophe. City gangs will also take advantage of any disruptions where authorities are very busy. How convenient that all of those FEMA detention camps and empty prisons are handy. What a coincidence?
As long as we're talking about the many difficulties and necessary preparations before declaring Martial Law, President Obama, as the military's commander-in-chief, will become our supreme military commander of everything and everybody when Martial Law is declared. He's going to need a lot of extra help. He's going to need people with a more decisive and hardened mindset to help him make difficult decisions and to insure that they are carried out, instead of the run-of-the-mill bureaucrats and polititions. As luck would have it they are already in place and being trained to take their positions as sub-commanders under Obama of all the most important agencies of the government. They call them "CZARS" .

So what is motivating the government to make these secret elaborate preparations and spend billion$ of dollars? It is preparing for what the government believes is going to happen and that is a polar axis shift.. When that happens our world will change irrevocably. The government believes that the north pole will shift towards Siberia. That is evidenced by a map that was (and probably still is) circulating in the upper levels of the U.S. Navy. It shows the east coast, the lower halves of the Gulf states, as well as all of Florida under water.
There is a waterway starting at where Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi join and goes all the way to, and including Lake Superior. Almost all of Minnesota is under water. It doesnt show the west coast being as drastically affected because the coastal mountains are close to the shoreline. As a result of the belief in this map there are thousands of retired Navy families in the Missouri/Arkansas Ozark mountains. The elevation is good but not extreme with lots of water, and it's not very close to any metropolitan areas. It's a great place to survive the coming times.
What prompted the creation of this map and why are so many people making important choices in their lives based upon their belief in this map? There is one thing that can explain why; there are an increased number of earthquakes & tsunami's, volcanic activity, increased volcanic activity on Io, Jupiter's moon, the melting of some of the other planet's ice-caps, and the fact that the present sun spot cycle is out of whack. Answer - There is a gravitic force external to our solar system that is affecting all of the planets and several moons as well as our sun. There are only two known possible phenomena that would generate a strong external gravitic force on our solar system. The first is planet "X", or Nibiru. A lot of misinformation has been put out on this subject but the fact is that the ancient Sumerians recorded the presence of a planet that passed through our solar system 3600 years ago. Some ancient records from China confirm this. There is also events recorded in the Bible that sustains this. The Sumerians called it Nibiru. Nibiru is a planet-sized body with at least two moons that passes just inside the orbits of the outer planets of our solar system every 3600 years. It is now approaching from the southern hemisphere of the sun. We will probably be able to see it by the end of this year or early next year. It is already exerting a gravitational force on our solar system and this will get stronger until it starts to leave the solar system.
The second possible cause of an external gravitational force is the fact that our solar system is passing through the galactic equatorial plane. Scientists have determined that in the center of every galaxy there is a huge black hole that is spinning at terrific speeds. This projects a strong gravitic force that extends beyond the edge of each galaxy. This is what separates the north and south of the galaxies. This thin region of gravity must necessarily collect debris from adjacent space. If you believe that the universe is billions of years old then it's not hard to imagine that this "galactic equatoral region" has collected lots of rocks, from asteroids to dust. Whether this outside gravitational force that is affecting our solar system comes from "Nibiru" or the "Galactic Equator, or both doesn't matter because the government obviously believes it and has spent huge amounts of money to learn everything possible about it, and has spent billion$ to prepare for it. The details of that is left for us to guess and speculate about. However, government planning and preparation is an observable fact.

So what's going to happen to our world when this happens? More than I can describe in this one blog, but here goes: The government believes that the geographic north pole is going to move towards Siberia. Their Navy map proves that, because if the north pole moves in that direction then the equator will move toward the United States which will be the cause of our coastlines being permanently under water. Remember the equator is always 90 degrees from the polar axis and will stay that way - simple physics. The centrifugal force that holds the bulge of water at the equator will move to the new equatorial location which will draw the water from the old equator to the new one. The result is a wall of water hundreds of feet high racing to its new location. When it gets there it will keep going until it hits land somewhere and then slosh back to the new equator. This process will probably take a month to settle down. It's going to be a mess because about 80% of the world's population lives within 20 miles of an ocean. Worse-case scenario - one third of the worlds population could lose their lives and another half of the rest would die of starvation and disease within 6 months.
I have different view of what will happen. If you plot the locations of the last three polar axis shifts you can see a pattern. If this pattern holds for the next shift the results will be much different. The continuation of the pattern shows the polar axis will shift to between Baffin Island and Greenland (E/W) & between the 70th line of latitude and the arctic circle (N/S). That means that the State of Maine will be very close to the new arctic circle and the American coastlines will not be under water. The new equator location will move down South America to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and northern Chile. On the plus side of this Siberia will be much warmer and can be fully developed, as well as Alaska being 10 degrees further south and the weather will be close to what Washington state has now. The arctic ocean will be navigable between Alaska and Finland which will further promote the development of Siberia. All of the oil on the north shore of alaska will be accessable and can be developed as well as settling more population up there. On the other side of the globe, the new equator will be close to Taiwan. The wall of water coming up from the south will devastate everything from India to all of southeast Asia . Worst case scenario - two thirds of the worlds population could lose their lives and two thirds of the remaining population will probably perish from starvation and disease. Less than one billion people might survive this catastrophe.
There are 360 degrees in the circle of the earth and I have briefly described what could possibly happen if the polar axis shifts towards Siberia on the 110th line of longitude and towards Nova Scotia, Canada on the 60th line of longitude. That's only 2 out of 360 degrees. I'm sure that the government with the pinnacle of scientific endeavor behind them have good reasons for what they believe, and have been preparing for. But, there is also the logic of precedent supporting my point of view and the conclusions that I have drawn.

I will continue this at a later date, but this is a good start.


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